• Dalit Kaplan

Fortress Australia

A year ago we locked down

The tyranny of distance was actually a blessing

That's why they came here. My Zaidas. My Nanna. My Bubba.

To get as far away as possible from everything.

And indeed, far, we were.

Far from bats.

Far from portable freezers packed with Covid ravished bodies.

Far from overburdened medical systems.

Far from the deaths.

We kept most of it out.

In Victoria we went from 800+ a day to zero a day.

They call it Donuts Days

And over the year, the world - the world from which we are so far - began to learn many lessons.

Leaders learned to vaccinate.

Everyone learned to tolerate the truth that had been revealed - we are fragile. We are mortal.

Life and joy seems to be reclaimed.

But not here.

We lock down. We lock out.

We don't learn.

Our "leaders," obsolete turds




Masturbate .

We miss the lessons.

We are not lead.

We bury our heads in the sand.

And soon, we will burn and we will drown.

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